Eric Maddern

author . storyteller . musician . teacher

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Snowdonia Folk Tales

In addition to his well loved children's books, Eric has also published chapters and articles on evolution,  environmental issues and storytelling. Most recently, he published a comprehensive collection of myths, legends and  folktales from Snowdonia, north Wales. Here's a selection of his work.


'The old kingdom of Gwynedd - the mountains of Eryri (Snowdonia), Ynys Mon (Anglesey) and the Llyn Peninsula - may be the most mythic landscape in Britain. The ancient Druids dwelt here and from it sprang the tales of Blessed Bran who protected the land, wizards who made the Woman of Flowers, and Merlin the dragon whisperer whose prophecy echoes still. The poet Taliesin walked these hills, Welsh bards told stories of Arthur by these hearths and saints made pilgrimages along these paths. From these hidden nooks the Tylwyth Teg (Fair Folk) emerged to tease the people, and through these mountain passes rode Llywelyn the Great and Owain Glyndwr, living lives that would be spun into legend... Storyteller and singer Eric Maddern has gathered these old tales here and breathed fresh life into them.'

Published on 5th October, 2015 by The History Press.


Picturebooks for Children with illustrator Paul Hess, published by Frances Lincoln.

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Other books for children by Eric Maddern

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Eric's successful partnership with illustrator Paul Hess has led to a series of five picturebooks based on traditional tales, which have been published in over eight languages to date.

Published by Frances Lincoln, they are available on AMAZON.

In all, Eric has published eleven books for children with themes including the origins of the Earth, the evolution of life, tree tales and stories from world myth. All are available on AMAZON.