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"The challenges of the 21st Century require that we find ways to re-imagine our relationship with the natural world, and find a new shared vision of how to live. Storytelling is a key to how we do this, and there is no better example than the work of Eric Maddern.”

TONY KENDLE, Foundation Director of the Eden Project


Snowdonia has long been a centre of magic and spiritual power. It is marked by standing stones, stone circles, burial chambers and hillforts. It was the hinterland of the ancient Druids. Some of the oldest surviving stories of Britain arose there – about the Enchantment of Bran, the Woman of Flowers, the Quest for Mabon, the Cauldron of Inspiration, Merlin and the Dragons… This evening Eric will take you on a walk through this mystical landscape and breathe life into these tales in an inspiring and original way.

‘Songlines of Snowdonia: Tapping the Mythic Mains’

Eric's on tour now. Come see 'Songines of Snowdonia: Tapping the Mythic Main at the following:

17 November, 2015. 8.00pm at Milgis Yurt, Cardiff

See: for details


19 November, 2015, 7.30pm at Mr Rook's Speakeasy, Frome

See: for more information.


More dates will be added shortly, please keep checking back for updates.